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Joint Care

 I have been using FOR YOU CBD NATURAL RELIEF ARTHRITIS cream for about 4 months. I believe the daily use has transformed my exercise routine.

I used to do long distance running, and now suffer with arthritis in my knee.

 Using FOR YOU CBD NATURAL RELIEF ARTHRITIS cream has improved my mobility, I am using the gym and particularly the cross trainer with ease on a daily basis, this was not an option or possible for me before using the cream. I will definitely continue to use the cream and would recommend it to anyone.

Shirley Rothel

Skin Care

 Throughout my past 8 years with eczema I have tried all creams from the doctor and all remedies, nothing has worked!!

 It was suggested that I try a hemp cream by FOR YOU CBD, NATURAL RELEIF ECZEMA, so thought I would give it a go.

 By day 1 the itchiness has gone and I felt much easier throughout the day not having to scratch my skin.

 By day 3 I had no dry skin! A few patches were a different shade to my normal colour (from the dry skin falling off) but it was no means dry!

 By day 7 my skin had all blended back to one colour and I was down to using this cream once a week, from my usual cream twice a day!

 I am now on week 5 and still using once a week and my skin is the softest it has ever been , I feel much more confident with my arms and legs out


Joint Care

 This regularly eases the dull ache and sharp joint pain associated with arthritis in both my hands and my knees. Having been initially sceptical about its efficacy, I’m a convert and encourage you to give it a go

Caroline Rowlands
Joint Care

For You CBD NATURAL RELIEF ARTHRITIS was recommended to me when I started to have pain with golfers elbow. It’s really relaxing to use it in the evenings when it’s been a busy day and the pain is soon relieved.  The thing I really like is the texture, it’s quite a thick ointment to rub in, so it means your muscles get a massage. It’s a pleasure to use.

Sue Thomas

After a lifetime of playing and later on refereeing basketball, my knees were really painful as were several other joints and muscles due to impact strains, sprains and breaks. I was introduced to FOR YOU CBD MUSCULAR RELIEF and noticed a huge difference after only a week. I have been using it daily for several months now and my symptoms have virtually gone. I would highly
recommend anybody with aches and pains or any kind of joint/muscle pain to use this product.

Neil Bowden

Skin Care

 Absolutely fantastic cream!! I have been using it for psoriasis and was very sceptical at the beginning as I’ve tried lots of different creams, but WOW was I wrong. Within 1 week I noticed a considerable difference then within 2 weeks the psoriasis cleared up completely on my elbows and almost completely on my knees. I was left with a slight colour difference obviously where the psoriasis had been but I am very confident that will also clear up. This cream has given me confidence to wear short sleeves again and not cover my legs up, I can enjoy summertime without being self conscious about my elbows and finally get out of constantly wearing my leggings and boiling. If I could give more than 5* I would.

Skin Care

I was suffering with an itchy back, I went to the doctors, on a number of occasions i was given a number of creams which didn’t help me. I could not sleep at night and it was driving me mad.

I found out about FOR YOU CBD NATURAL RELIEF ECZEMA cream, which I was willing to try as I was at my wits end.

I tried the cream and after one day of using it I felt a difference. I carried on and now my back has healed and I use the cream every night before going to bed, I now sleep at night and have no more itchiness. I have purchased  two tubs up to now and will continues to use it.


G Bond
Joint Care

I would like to thank you for bringing the new FOR YOU CBD NATURAL RELIEF ARTHRITIS cream to my attention, it’s simply BRILLIANT!! I suffer with arthritis pain to my hips and whenever I use the cream the relief is almost immediate and if I apply it twice a day for a couple of days the pain does not return for approximately a week.

Thank you, you have made my life that little bit better

Kingsley Ingram
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