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Treatment for Bruises/Bites/Burns/Cuts





Bruises occur when there is trauma to the body, usually in the form of a sudden impact. Tiny blood vessels called capillaries burst, causing discolouration of the area. CBD is well known for its anti inflammatory effects and pain relief through cbd receptors in the skin.


Why does CBD sooth skin after a mosquito bite? When we are bitten by a mosquito an inflammation occurs in our bodies which appears as red, swollen and itchy skin. CBD cannabinoids have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and are therefore effective in reducing, or stopping, the itching which occurs after a mosquito bite.

CBD-rich oil is chock full of essential fatty acids (EFA’s), which include crucial skin-health components like omega-3 acids, omega-6 acids, and linoleic acid. These EFA’s have excellent natural molecular properties that aid in keeping skin cells soft, supple and healthy


Burns are classified by their depth and placed into the categories of first, second, or third-degree burns. All three classifications are associated with pain. Third-degree burns may need to be treated using skin grafts. However, first and second-degree burns may be treated with topical applications such as antibiotic cream and aloe vera cream. CBD is well-known to effectively treat pain.

Cannabinoids also contains a class of compounds known as terpenes. These chemicals are found in many plant species and are responsible for the pleasant smells associated with particular hemp strains. Some terpenes have shown potential in the treatment of burns, displaying antimicrobial activity. The terpene linalool is also associated with cooling and painkilling properties, making it a potential complement to treatment.


CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, where they have a modulating effect of physiological systems. Research suggests that the endocannabinoid system exists within the skin, where it is heavily implicated in proliferation, growth, differentiation, apoptosis, and hormone production.

What’s interesting is that CBD is now showing promise for the treatment of burns and wounds when applied as a topical. Cannabinoids exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, potentially assisting in the healing process and pain management of these conditions. Some cannabinoids have also been found to possess antibacterial properties, making them a potential first aid treatment when such injuries arise.


  1. Mersina

    Absolutely fantastic cream!! I have been using it for psoriasis and was very sceptical at the beginning as I’ve tried lots of different creams, but WOW was I wrong. Within 1 week I noticed a considerable difference then within 2 weeks the psoriasis cleared up completely on my elbows and almost completely on my knees. I was left with a slight colour difference obviously where the psoriasis had been but I am very confident that will also clear up. This cream has given me confidence to wear short sleeves again and not cover my legs up, I can enjoy summertime without being self conscious about my elbows and finally get out of constantly wearing my leggings and boiling. If I could give more than 5* I would.

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