What are the early symptoms of arthritis?

As we age, the risk of developing arthritis increases. Indeed, the condition is relatively common amongst older people, and can have a significant effect on one’s well being and ability to do everyday tasks.

Fortunately, the joint pain and stiffness that arthritis causes can be addressed, and a diagnosis does not mean that you have to make huge changes to your lifestyle. Indeed, the first step to easing your symptoms is to obtain a diagnosis.

What are the first symptoms of arthritis?

The symptoms of arthritis vary between individuals, but it is important to seek a professional opinion if you experience any of the following:

– Joint pain
– Stiffness, particularly after waking up or following periods of inactivity
– Tenderness in your limbs and hands
– A grating feeling in your joints
– The inability to fully move your joints
– Bone spur formation around your joints

Why joint preservation is important

Joint health plays a huge role in one’s productivity, wellness, overall quality of life, and independence. Finding out that you have arthritis whilst it is still in its early stages will allow you to take the requisite steps to protect your joints from damage and inflammation. What’s more, an early diagnosis can also protect you from other conditions associated with arthritis such as damage to the heart and other internal organs.

Why diagnosing arthritis is tricky

As mentioned above, arthritis can be tricky to diagnose, particularly considering that there are over 100 variations of the condition. Symptoms can start in a number of different ways and can come on very gradually, making them difficult to notice. The fact that arthritis is so difficult to diagnose, however, means that it is important to rule out other conditions. Indeed, knowing the source of your pain is vital if you want to manage it.

Opt for natural arthritis pain relief

Once you have obtained a diagnosis, you can start drawing up a personalised treatment plan. Love of Limbs Natural Arthritis Relief products represent a great way to start managing arthritis symptoms. Whilst arthritis can be a frustrating and inconvenient condition at the best of times, being able to manage the associated symptoms naturally is a great way for people to regain control of their lives and bodies.