Effective Remedies for Eczema Worth Trying

People who live with eczema long for relief from red and itchy  skin. You have probably tried a variety of products but, unfortunately,  store products can leave your skin feeling drier and even more  irritated. Luckily, there are alternatives you can try; more natural  methods for moisturising broken and dry skin and fight harmful bacteria  to reduce swelling and prevent infection. Although they cannot  completely cure eczema, they can help you manage and prevent flareups.


We  all know that massage helps to relieve stress, hence it may also help  people who have eczema to reduce flareups. It is a good idea to visit a  massage therapist who’s accredited with working with people with  non-contagious skin conditions. But before you make an appointment, it  is also important to first check that the oils and lotions they’re using  will not trigger your eczema or make it worse. And if you want to make  sure, we suggest bringing your own.

Topical cream

The intense itching is the most miserable and uncomfortable part of an eczema flareup. Try using Love of Limbs eczema natural cream  that contains coconut oil (carrier) and cannabidiol (CBD) to provide  much-needed relief. We only use ingredients found in nature and  skilfully produce all of our products at home.

Light therapy

Are  you still struggling with persistent itch? You may want to consider  phototherapy then. According to the National Eczema Association in the  US, light therapy uses ultraviolet light to penetrate the outer layers  of skin, reduce itching, increase vitamin D production and help fight  bacteria on your skin. Also, adding 10 to 15 minutes a day of sun  exposure, especially during an eczema flareup, can provide relief and  speedy healing.

Cool and wet compresses

For  some individuals with eczema, you can make a quick compress to cool and  lessen the itching to your skin by wetting a washcloth. If your eczema  is severe, after you’ve put on medicine or lotion, make a wet wrap by  soaking a piece of soft cloth then apply it to the affected area. It  helps your skin absorb moisture and medicine. Wet wraps also relieve  itching and pain. 

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