We were all living with long term pain

We are three friends who simply want to share the discovery we have made using this product ourselves.  It has given us relief – in some cases after a lifetime of pain and suffering – and we want everyone to benefit in the same way we have, but without using prescription medicines and their possible harmful side-effects.

Our product

Arthritis is a world wide problem. Pain, swelling, discomfort, difficulty moving around and carrying out daily tasks. The conventional solutions are usually analgesics and anti-inflamatories. However these all have disadvantages and side effects. 

Love of Limbs – Natural Arthritis Relief, offers an alternative natural formula that has been used for centuries to foster the relief of symptoms. 

Please read the testimonials of our clients and try our products.

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Being a valued client, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. 

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Our products use entirely natural ingredients and are made under carefully controlled conditions. You can rest assured that the quality and consistency of our production is our paramount concern.


We always recommend that you advise your doctor that you are using our products and discuss it with them, as part of your treatment.

Please read our clients testimonials

We make no exaggerated claims as to the efficacy of our products – we simply ask you to read the testimonials of our clients and try it for yourself.