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Everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes eventually suffer from some sort of soreness, tiredness and even feelings of nausea at some point during training. An athlete’s body is subjected to high impact, wear and tear, injury, and fatigue. At the end of a long event, or a full day of training, you will surely feel some of these side effects. If left unattended, even the slightest injury may impact your performance thereafter, and can eventually have long-term effects on the body. CBD may help speed up the body’s natural recovery time, improve recovery of tissues, nerves, and bones, reduce pain, and minimise any negative effects on the body after working out. One of its most powerful benefits is reducing chronic inflammation, one of the biggest issues an athlete (and most everyone) faces on a daily basis. The anti-inflammatory properties also help to prevent joint injury, as well as reducing pain from swelling. CBD may also help with the stressors involved in high level training and competition. It can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress that comes along with starting a new workout routine, training for an event, or just maintaining a daily regimen.

CBD/cannabidiol helps the body adapt to stress by reducing elevated cortisol. When used pre-workout, those reduced cortisol levels can help you go harder, and longer. CBD also has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and appetite-regulating effects that can support post-workout recovery.

The Olympic Committee set a new precedent when they decided to remove CBD from their list of banned substances, and The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) implemented its new regulations on January 1, 2018 which completely removed CBD from the list and allows athletes to use CBD.


  1. Neil Bowden

    After a lifetime of playing and later on refereeing basketball, my knees were really painful as were several other joints due to impact strains, sprains and breaks. I was introduced to LOVE OF LIMBS NATURAL RELIEF ARTHRITIS and noticed a huge difference after only a week. I have been using it daily for several months now and my symptoms have virtually gone. I would highly recommend anybody with arthritis or any kind of joint pain to use this product. IT REALLY WORKS!!

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