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Our Story


FOR YOU CBD was created to provide NATURALLY pure ingredients for RELIEF, RECOVERY and CARE for your body.

We at FORYOU CBD came across this distinct natural product. After suffering for many months physically due to excessive bodily strains, CBD was mentioned and that I should try it and see if it helps with my aches and pains.

It worked, providing relief. I would much rather use a NATURAL product to heal my body than use man made synthetic drugs, from that day on I have used FOR YOU CBD. This ancient medicine was a miracle worker for my body. Our bodies have something called the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM and it’s this internal system that works with CBD.

We researched this ancient medicine finding out its true potential. Looking into the different ways of taking the hemp derived cbd. Sourcing the best quality CBD and delivering this quality on to our customers.

Susan Barron
Susan Barron
Verified review
I have used this cream on my knee that is often painful when I’m climbing stairs and have found it soothes the area and gives some relief. My husband also found it eased his shoulder pain. S. Barron.
Caroline Rowlands
Caroline Rowlands
Verified review
I got great service & advice from ForYouCBD. Initially I was unsure about both product & effectiveness but after communication & advice, I’m a convert. Don’t waste your money on cheap, inferior alternatives.
Sally A
Sally A
Verified review
What I have found is a nice texture when rubbing it in your hands first, the warmth of your hands makes distributing it easy. You don’t need much because of this. I’ve used it on and I’ve noticed a relief on the muscle that had given me some sciatica pain. I use it most at night just before bed. The scoop is a bonus to get as much as you need out of the pot. The pot is just the right size for me especially for travel, it’s a good sturdy pot and just what you’d expect from a good quality product. A daily application seems to be enough and as it relaxes the tension area then it’s best for me at night or just after some exercise.xx

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I would like to thank you for bringing the new FOR YOU CBD JOINT CARE cream to my attention,
it’s simply BRILLIANT!! I suffer with arthritis pain to my hips and whenever I use the cream the
relief is almost immediate and if I apply it twice a day for a couple of days the pain does not return
for approximately a week.
Thank you, you have made my life that little bit better
Kingsley Ingram


Throughout my past 8 years with eczema I have tried all creams from
the doctor and all remedies, nothing has worked!!
It was suggested that I try a hemp cream by FOR YOU CBD, so thought I would give it a go. By day 1 the itchiness has gone and I felt much easier throughout the day not having to scratch my skin. By day 3 I had no dry skin! A few patches were a different shade to my normal colour (from the dry skin falling off) but it was no means dry! By day 7 my skin had all blended back to one colour and I was down to using this cream once a week, from my usual cream twice a day! I am now on week 5 and still using once a week and my skin is the softest it has ever been. I feel much more confident with my arms and
legs out



After a lifetime of playing and later on refereeing basketball, my knees were really painful as were
several other joints and muscles due to impact strains, sprains and breaks. I was introduced to
FOR YOU CBD MUSCULAR RELIEF and noticed a huge difference after only a week. I have been
using it daily for several months now and my symptoms have virtually gone. I would highly
recommend anybody with aches and pains or any kind of joint/muscle pain to use this product. IT
Neil Bowden

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