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I would like to thank you for bringing the new FOR YOU CBD JOINT CARE cream to my attention,
it’s simply BRILLIANT!! I suffer with arthritis pain to my hips and whenever I use the cream the
relief is almost immediate and if I apply it twice a day for a couple of days the pain does not return
for approximately a week.
Thank you, you have made my life that little bit better
Kingsley Ingram


Throughout my past 8 years with eczema I have tried all creams from
the doctor and all remedies, nothing has worked!!
It was suggested that I try a hemp cream by FOR YOU CBD, so thought I would give it a go. By day 1 the itchiness has gone and I felt much easier throughout the day not having to scratch my skin. By day 3 I had no dry skin! A few patches were a different shade to my normal colour (from the dry skin falling off) but it was no means dry! By day 7 my skin had all blended back to one colour and I was down to using this cream once a week, from my usual cream twice a day! I am now on week 5 and still using once a week and my skin is the softest it has ever been. I feel much more confident with my arms and
legs out



After a lifetime of playing and later on refereeing basketball, my knees were really painful as were
several other joints and muscles due to impact strains, sprains and breaks. I was introduced to
FOR YOU CBD MUSCULAR RELIEF and noticed a huge difference after only a week. I have been
using it daily for several months now and my symptoms have virtually gone. I would highly
recommend anybody with aches and pains or any kind of joint/muscle pain to use this product. IT
Neil Bowden

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